The American Society of Karate was established in 1970 . The A.S.K. is an association designed to teach

American Karate to ages 5 - 80 in a positive ever changing system. New ideas and fresh approaches to the

art, sport and self defense aspects of karate are constantly being added to the system. In addition, its

objectives are to run fair and unbiased tournaments, to organize karate camps and to expand the student's

knowledge with various seminars as well as to enable the student to positively accept and meet whatever

challenges they may encounter during their training.

Its goal is not necessarily to be the largest but to be the best.

A.S.K. Motto ---- "Whatever It Takes"


A.S.K. Goal ---- "Not To Be The Largest But To Be The Best"


For information regarding ASK Karate contact Bill Gray @ (281) 482-3004 or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Upcoming Events

Fall Session Starts
Monday, September - 08

Jr. Ninja Camp
Sunday, October - 12

Senior Karate Camp
Friday, October - 17

Houston Tournament
Sunday, October - 26

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