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jedi imageThe A.S.K. offers the opportunity for the Advanced Junior Division students (3rd Degree Purple Belts and all Red Belts) to be a part of the Jedi Program. The Jedi program was designed to challenge those students that seek more in our organization than the standard martial arts training. A Jedi is constantly being challenged physically and mentally to do “Whatever It Takes” to achieve Greatness within their training. The Jedi program currently consists of A.S.K.’s Top 10% Elite Junior Students (Ages 5-12).

In order for a student to become a Jedi, he or she is nominated by their class instructor for the Jedi tryouts.

Jedi tryouts are held 5 times a year. 

The students Selected from the Jedi tryouts have demonstrated the following attributes:

  • Great Positive Attitude
  • Great Physical Fitness
  • Academic Excellence
  • Excellent Karate Techniques
  • Knowledge of Karate History

The Jedi’s have Special Classes of various Martial Arts Weapons and Self-Defense which are not offered to other students. Jedi's serve as the Honor Guard in Black Belt Ceremonies and perform at tournaments. A Jedi wears a Special Patch and T-Shirts identifying them as a Jedi.


JEDI Motto"We Are The Force"


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