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Parents, please have your child ON TIME for his/her class. Students should always address instructors (and all assistant instructors) as MISTER, MISS, SIR or MA'AM. 

A DVD of all the junior techniques is available from your instructor. 

Sparring is a contact sport. It is the way children compete against each other. It is a game of tag where the object is to score points without hurting one another. Appropriate safety gear is provided and all contact is closely supervised by the class instructors. There is no contact to the face or groin area, but for safety parents must provide their child's mouthpiece and, for boys, a cup and supporter. 

Clean and pressed WHITE, traditional style karate uniform and properly tied belt. No patches or markings on the uniform or belt. Before the 4th week of class, the student needs to have his/her FIRST NAME IN 2-INCH HIGH BLACK, BLOCK-STYLE LETTERS on the back of the uniform top. This needs to be done at a PROFESSIONAL T-SHIRT PRINTING SHOP (located in most large shopping malls). NO HAND PRINTING OR PAINTING IS ACCEPTABLEWash the uniform in cold water, but never wash the belt. Complete uniform: top, pants, and belt, is to be worn in class. Before or after class it is acceptable to wear the uniform pants and a t-shirt (the top and belt must be folded and put away), but NEVER enter the class area without the complete uniform on. 

Always practice with safety and respect towards your instructors and classmates. No horseplay before, during or after class. Wear your uniform to karate class only. Wear a t-shirt under your uniform. No jewelry (rings, watches, earrings, etc.) ,headbands, or sweatbands are to be worn in class. Any disruptive behavior can result in a student's being permanently ejected from the classes. 

The School patch and Association patch are obtained after passing the rank test for Yellow Belt. 

For the Student who wins 3 First Place Tournament Awards. Wear on right sleeve up next to the shoulder seam. There is a charge for the Black Ace Patch. 

The Jedi Patch is worn by only the top 10% of our Jr. Students ("The Jedi's"). The Jedi Patch is worn on the left sleeve, up next to the shoulder seam. The Jedi's are an Honor Guard who perform at Tournaments and Ceremonies. They have special classes and karate camps in the woods. Tryouts for the JEDI Program are 5 times a year. 

Karate tournaments are held five times a year. The emphasis at tournaments is NOT on WINNING, but instead on DOING ONE'S BEST. Tournaments are not a requirement for class participation, but are a requirement for belt advancement. There is an additional fee to enter a tournament. 

To be eligible for belt ranking, a student must meet the minimum required classes needed for that belt, participate in the number of tournaments needed for that belt, and do well at home and at school. A child must also exhibit a GOOD ATTITUDE in karate class. Advancing in rank is optional. There is also an additional fee for taking a belt advancement test. 

The founder of modern day karate was a man named FUNAKOSHI. Karate began in the year 500 A.D., in the country of INDIA. "Karate" is a Japanese word that means "EMPTY HANDS". Karate is divided into 3 parts: ART, SPORT and SELF-DEFENSE. The most important part of karate is CONDITIONING. The STYLE of karate you will be training in is called AMERICAN KARATE. The father of American Karate was a man named ED PARKER. The belt ranking system for JUNIORS in American Karate is: WHITE, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE, 3 DEGREES OF PURPLE, RED, and 4 DEGREES OF RED. The belt ranking system for ADULTS in American Karate is: WHITE, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE, BROWN, 3 DEGREES OF BROWN, BLACK, and 7 LEVELS OF BLACK. Karate is made up of different types of KICKS, PUNCHES, STRIKES and BLOCKS. The most important part of SPARRING is TIMING and DISTANCE. The most important part aspect of karate training is to ALWAYS keep a GOOD ATTITUDE, and practice with safety and respect towards your classmates.

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